Stainless Steel Bolts – Part Thread

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Stainless Steel Bolts, hex head, part thread. DIN 931. They are highly resistant to corrosion, which makes them suitable for outdoor applications, marine environments, and areas with high humidity or chemical exposure.

Depending on the specific grade and heat treatment, stainless steel bolts can offer a high level of tensile strength and durability, making them suitable for demanding applications.  They have a shiny, metallic appearance that can enhance the visual appeal of finished products or installations. They are often used in architectural and decorative applications.

Some grades of stainless steel bolts are non-magnetic, which can be advantageous in certain applications, such as in electrical or electronic equipment.  Suitable for various industries, including construction, automotive, marine, aerospace, food processing, and household appliances, among others.

Diameter availability: M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M24, M30

Finishes include A2 (304) Stainless Steel & A4 (316) Stainless Steel

Thread Length Calculator
Up to 125mm =2 x thread diameter + 6mm
125 - 200mm =2 x thread diameter + 12mm
Over 200mm =2 x thread diameter + 25mm

Please note images are for display purposes only, thread length will vary.

Metric TPI Chart

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