UNF Machine Screws

UNF Machine Screws (Unified Fine Thread) is a common thread standard used in the United States.  and is a standardized thread form used for machine screws and bolts.  UNF screws have a finer thread pitch compared to UNC screws, which means there are more threads per inch. This finer pitch allows for a tighter fit and increased thread engagement, making UNF screws suitable for applications that require higher strength, precision, and resistance to vibration.

UNF machine screws are widely utilized in engineering and manufacturing settings where precise fastening and reliable performance are essential.

UNF machine screws can have different head types, including flat head (CSK0, round head and pan head, and come with different drives; slotted, pozi and philips.

We stock them in zinc and stainless. Size options include 1/4", 5/16", 3/8".