BA Machine Screws

BA machine screws are a type of fastener commonly used in engineering and manufacturing applications. "BA" stands for British Association.  BA threads are based on a 47.5-degree angle, with have a rounded V-shaped thread profile. The threads are relatively fine, allowing for a high degree of precision in fastening applications.

BA threads come in a range of sizes denoted by a number, such as BA1, BA2, BA3, and so on. The smaller the number, the finer the thread and the smaller the diameter of the screw.  The BA machine screws are commonly used in precision instruments, electrical equipment, model making, and other applications where a high level of accuracy and reliability is required.

We stock them with differing heads, round slotted, cheese slotted, mushroom slotted, CSK slotted, pan slotted and pan pozi drive. Finishes include zinc, chrome, nickel, brass, stainless, self colour, brass chrome and brass nickel. Sizes range from 8BA, 6BA, 4BA, 3BA, 2BA, 0BA.