Metric Fine Nuts

Metric fine nuts have a finer thread pitch compared to standard nuts. The thread pitch refers to the distance between adjacent threads on the fastener. They have a higher number of threads per unit length, allowing for more precise adjustments and tighter fastening.  They are designated by their thread size and pitch, for example M10 x 1.25 represents a metric fine nut with a 10mm diameter and a thread pitch of 1.25mm.

They are designed to be used with corresponding metric fine bolts found here, and are commonly used in industries such as automotive, machinery, engineering and manufacturing. They are often employed in applications that require precise adjustments, high stress environments, or where vibration resistance is crucial.

We stock fine hex nuts, fine nylocs (nylon insert nuts), fine half nuts (also called jam or lock), and fine slotted nuts. Available in zinc, zinc yellow and unplated self colour.

Diameter and pitch options include: M5 x 0.5, M6 x 0.75, M8 x 0.75, M8 x 1.00, M10 x 1.00, M10 x 1.25, M12 x 1.00, M12 x 1.25, M12 x 1.50, M14 x 1.00, M14 x 1.25, M14 x 1.50, M16 x 1.00, M16 x 1.25, M16 x 1.50, M20 x 1.50, M20 x 2.00, M22 x 1.50, M22 x 2.00, M24 x 1.50, M24 x 2.00, M25 x 1.50, M26 x 1.50, M27 x 1.50, M27 x 2.00, M30 x 1.50, M30 x 2.00, M33 x 1.50, M33 x 2.00, M34 x 2.00, M36 x 1.50, M36 x 2.00, M39 x 1.50, M39 x 2.00, M39 x 3.00, M42 x 1.50, M42 x 2.00, M45 x 1.50, M45 x 2.00, M45 x 3.00, M48 x 1.50, M48 x 2.00, M48 x 3.00, M52 x 1.50, M52 x 2.00, M52 x 3.00, M56 x 4.00, M64 x 4.00