UNC Machine Screws

UNC machine screws (Unified National Coarse), is a common thread standard used for machine screws in the United States. UNC machine screws are a type of fastener designed to be threaded into a tapped hole or paired with a nut to secure two or more objects together.  UNC screws have a coarse thread profile, meaning the threads are spaced farther apart compared to finer threads. The thread angle is 60 degrees.

UNC machine screws can have different head types, including flat head, round head, pan head, and come with different drives, slotted, pozi, and philips.  Each head type has specific applications and aesthetic characteristics.

We stock them in zinc, self colour and stainless.  Sizes in stock range from 6/32", 8/32", 4/40", 10/32", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8".