Brass Setscrews / Full Thread Bolts

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Brass Setscrews / Full Thread Bolts, hex head, DIN 933.

Brass setscrews are made primarily from brass, an alloy of copper and zinc. They are commonly used in various applications where corrosion resistance, aesthetics, and electrical conductivity are important factors.

Brass is softer than steel or stainless steel, which means brass screws are less likely to damage the materials they are fastening. However, this also means they may be more prone to stripping or shearing under excessive torque.

Diameter options include: M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M16

Brass Nickel also available in some sizes

Metric TPI Chart
Diameter TPI Diameter TPI Diameter TPI
M3 0.50 M14 2.00 M33 3.50
M4 0.70 M16 2.00 M36 4.00
M5 0.80 M18 2.50 M39 4.00
M6 1.00 M20 2.50 M42 4.50
M7 1.00 M22 2.50 M45 4.50
M8 1.25 M24 3.00 M48 5.00
M10 1.50 M27 3.00 M52 5.00
M12 1.75 M30 3.50 M56 5.50

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