Bolts Grade 10.9 Part Thread

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Bolts Grade 10.9, extra high tensile, hex head, part threaded, DIN 931. Finishes include zinc, zinc yellow and unplated self colour.

Known for their exceptional strength and durability, they are commonly used in structural and heavy-duty applications. Often used in critical connections such as heavy machinery.  They are made from carbon steel alloy, which is then heat treated to achieve the desired properties and strength

Diameter variations include: M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30, M36

Finish options: Zinc, Zinc Yellow, Unplated Self Colour.

We also stock Grade 12.9 bolts if a higher tensile is required - here 


Thread Length Calculator
Up to 125mm =2 x thread diameter + 6mm
125 - 200mm =2 x thread diameter + 12mm
Over 200mm =2 x thread diameter + 25mm


Metric TPI Chart


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Grade 10.9 Bolts - Available sizes

M5 x 50M5 x 55
M6 x 25M6 x 30M6 x 35M6 x 40
M6 x 45M6 x 50M6 x 60M6 x 60
M6 x 60M6 x 70M6 x 80
M8 x 30M8 x 35M8 x 40M8 x 45
M8 x 50M8 x 55M8 x 60M8 x 65
M8 x 70M8 x 75M8 x 80M8 x 90
M8 x 100M8 x 105M8 x 110M8 x 140
M10 x 35M10 x 40M10 x 45M10 x 50
M10 x 55M10 x 60M10 x 65M10 x 70
M10 x 75M10 x 80M10 x 90M10 x 100
M10 x 110M10 x 115M10 x 140M10 x 160
M12 x 40M12 x 45M12 x 50M12 x 55
M12 x 60M12 x 65M12 x 70M12 x 75
M12 x 80M12 x 90M12 x 100M12 x 110
M12 x 140M12 x 150M12 x 160M12 x 180
M12 x 200
M14 x 40M14 x 45M14 x 50M14 x 60
M14 x 65M14 x 70M14 x 75M14 x 80
M14 x 90M14 x 100M14 x 110M14 x 140
M14 x 150M14 x 160M14 x 180
M16 x 50M16 x 55M16 x 60M16 x 65
M16 x 70M16 x 75M16 x 80M16 x 90
M16 x 100M16 x 110M16 x 140M16 x 150
M16 x 160M16 x 180M16 x 200M16 x 240
M16 x 260M16 x 280M16 x 300
M18 x 60M18 x 70M18 x 75M18 x 80
M18 x 90M18 x 100M18 x 110M18 x 140
M18 x 150M18 x 160M18 x 180M18 x 200
M18 x 220
M20 x 60M20 x 65M20 x 70M20 x 75
M20 x 80M20 x 90M20 x 100M20 x 110
M20 x 140M20 x 150M20 x 160M20 x 180
M20 x 200M20 x 220M20 x 240M20 x 260
M20 x 280M20 x 300
M22 x 70M22 x 75M22 x 80M22 x 90
M22 x 100M22 x 140M22 x 160M22 x 220
M24 x 60M24 x 70M24 x 75M24 x 80
M24 x 90M24 x 100M24 x 110M24 x 140
M24 x 150M24 x 160M24 x 180M24 x 200
M24 x 240M24 x 260M24 x 280