Setscrews Grade 10.9 – Full Thread Bolts

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Setscrews High Tensile Grade 10.9. Hex head, Full Thread Bolts, DIN 933.

Grade 10.9 setscrews are made of steel alloy that has been heat-treated to achieve a specific level of hardness and high tensile strength.  This makes them suitable for applications where there is significant mechanical stress or load. They are resistant to shear forces and can withstand heavy loads without breaking or deforming. Additionally, their precise threading ensures a secure and tight fit when installed properly.

They are commonly used in heavy machinery, structural assemblies, and other critical applications where the integrity of the fastener is crucial.

Diameter variations include: M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M24, M27, M30

Finishes: Zinc, Zinc Yellow, unplated self colour.

We also stock 12.9 bolts if a higher tensile is required - here

Metric TPI Chart
Diameter TPI Diameter TPI Diameter TPI
M3 0.50 M14 2.00 M33 3.50
M4 0.70 M16 2.00 M36 4.00
M5 0.80 M18 2.50 M39 4.00
M6 1.00 M20 2.50 M42 4.50
M7 1.00 M22 2.50 M45 4.50
M8 1.25 M24 3.00 M48 5.00
M10 1.50 M27 3.00 M52 5.00
M12 1.75 M30 3.50 M56 5.50

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