Cleveloc All Metal Locking Nuts

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Cleveloc All Metal Locking Nuts have a unique locking mechanism. Unlike traditional nuts that rely solely on friction to maintain tightness, Cleveloc nuts incorporate a metal locking insert or collar.

When the Cleveloc nut is tightened onto a bolt or threaded stud, the metal locking insert deforms slightly, creating increased friction between the nut and the mating surface. This friction prevents the nut from loosening, even when subjected to significant vibrations or rotational forces. The locking insert effectively acts as a locking mechanism, providing a more reliable and secure connection compared to standard nuts.

Size availability: M3, M4, M5, M6, M10, M16, M18, M27, M30

Finishes include: Zinc and Zinc Yellow

P type = thick, T type = thin

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