Quadlock All Metal Locking Nuts

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QuadLock nuts utilise a unique locking mechanism that relies on deformation of the threads. When the nut is tightened onto a bolt or threaded stud, the threads of the nut slightly deform and grip the threads of the mating component tightly, preventing loosening due to vibration or shock.

Unlike traditional lock nuts that typically feature a nylon insert or other non-metallic locking mechanism, QuadLock nuts are entirely metal. This construction enhances their strength and resistance to wear and tear. QuadLock nuts can typically be reused multiple times without losing their locking effectiveness. This feature can be advantageous in applications where components need to be disassembled and reassembled periodically.

Size availability: M8, M10, M16. Other sizes available upon enquiry.

Finish options: A2 stainless steel, A4 stainless steel

P type = thick, T type = thin

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