Fine Thread Bolt – Fully Threaded – Grade 10.9

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Fine Thread Bolts, hex head fully threaded, often referred to as fine thread setscrews, DIN 961. Carbon steel, High Tensile Grade 10.9. Finishes include Zinc, Zinc Yellow, Unplated Steel.

Grade 10.9 refers to the strength of the setscrews; they are highly durable and suitable for applications requiring robust fastening.  Fine thread high tensile setscrews are often chosen for applications where a stronger grip or finer adjustment is required.

Available sizes - Diameter and Thread Pitch
M8 x 1.00M10 x 1.00M10 x 1.25
M12 x 1.25M12 x 1.50M14 x 1.50
M16 x 1.50M20 x 1.50M24 x 1.50
M24 x 2.00


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